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Traffic case

To dispose a:

Traffic case that has been filed against you in the Municipal Court of Ingram, Texas

Disposing of a Traffic Case Filed Against You

You were given, or should have been given, a ½ page letter commonly called a "Courtesy Letter" at or close to the time you were given a traffic ticket. Most of the time this letter has all of the instructions that is needed to solve your situation. If for some reason you did not receive a letter, view the one on this site here. Carefully consider these options and take action by the date shown on your citation.  Failure to perform according to this date may diminish your options or cause a warrant for your arrest or the filing of additional charges against you. Be timely so that you may not lose some privileges you may have under law.

Option One: I Want to Pay the Ticket Now

You must plea GUILTY or NOLO CONTENDERE to use this option.

If paying the ticket is your option, determine the proper amount of the fine and fees (as shown in the "Courtesy Letter") purchase a money order or cashier's check and mail it to us. Get the address Please consider the following suggestions:

It is a good idea (though not required) to send your remittance and photocopy by certified mail return receipt requested. It serves as proof that you sent us your payment.

We will not send you a receipt unless you include a self addressed stamped envelope with your remittance.

If you need credit card instructions or need to make a partial payment as part of an installment "payment plan" contact the Ingram Municipal Court.

Option Two: I Want to Take the Driving Safety Course

This is a deferred disposition from

Article 45.0511 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure (TCCP).

To Dispose of a traffic violation by a Texas Driving Safety Course, you must meet these qualifications:

  1. The charge must be a violation of the "Uniform Act" Transportation code 729.001(a)(3); Subtitle C, Title 7, Transportation Code or 472.022 Transportation Code. (Not a Penal Code Offense)
  2. You must possess a valid Texas Driver's License.
  3. You must be able to submit proof of financial responsibility (most commonly liability insurance).
  4. If charged with speeding, the speed must not have exceeded 25 mph. Commercial drivers are excluded by law.
  5. You have not successfully completed a driver safety course within the last twelve (12) months prior to your citation date.


No Exceptions! These laws are statutory and cannot be ignored or altered.

If you would like to view the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Chapter 45, Article 45.0511, click here.

If you meet all of the above requirements submit to the Ingram Municipal Court the following:

After sending to the Ingram Municipal Court all that the court requires, immediately send a copy of the form DR-1 (Application for Copy of Driver Record) with $10.00 to the address on the form. This will prove you are qualified concerning your driving record.

The original form is at http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/ftp/forms/dr-1.pdf

Mail the DR-1 and $10.00 to:

Texas Department of Public Safety

 P.O. Box 149008

 Austin, Texas 78714-9008

*Make the money order payable to: Texas Department of Public Safety

Once you have taken the course you will be awarded a certificate. Take the copy marked "Court" and mail it to us. You should retain your copy and may use the insurance copy in a manner appropriate to you.

You have 90 days (no extensions!) to submit to the Court the certificate awarded you upon completion of the course. This time is counted from the date we receive your written request to take the course. If you do not complete the course and submit the certificate within the 90 days allowed, you will most likely lose your privilege to take the course.

Option Three: I Want to Plea Not Guilty and Appear for a Trial

You are entitled to a trial in Ingram Municipal Court in the same manner as any other court. You must download the response sheet and plea "Not Guilty". This option is only for you to tell us that you want a trial.

You are entitled to a trial by a six-member jury. Your request for a jury trial will be processed rapidly and you should expect notice of the trial setting very shortly. There may be a pretrial date set so that pretrial motions can be processed before the date of the trial.

You may have your case heard before the judge. The notice of Court date will be mailed to the address you provide either on the ticket or on the reply form you submit with your plea.

If you need counsel to determine your best course in replying to the traffic summons you have been issued, you should seek out and obtain qualified legal counsel. We will not be legally or ethically able to assist you. Download the Plea Form.

Option Four: I Want a Deferred Disposition under Art. 45.051 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure

First look over options two and three. (Again if necessary)

In extreme situations, there may be a remedy called a "Deferred Disposition under Chapter 45, Article 45.051 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure". It involves some very extenuating circumstances that the Court cannot talk about EX-PARTE [or without both parties (The Defendant and the State's Attorney) being together at the same time.]

A Driving Safety Course is a deferred disposition now. Check out Option two for more information.

You may also contact the Ingram City Prosecutor:

Matthew Longoria,City Prosecutor

Ingram City Hall

230 Hwy. 39

Ingram, Texas 78025  -  (830) 367-5115

Option Five: I Want to do something else

Regardless of what you may have heard, there are only four options. The Court cannot make any exceptions to the laws. This includes:

If your needs are not met by the four options provided, seek out qualified legal counsel. This may mean an attorney at law. If you have any questions about how to acquire legal counsel, you may contact the Texas State Bar Association. This Court cannot and will not give any legal advice.


This page applies to Ingram Municipal Court only.

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